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The Background
Scotland on the eve of the Great War.
Scottish Politics in 1914

Scotland and its martial traditions

The Scottish Economy in 1914

Issue 1The Scots on the Western Front
Recruitment, Scottish soldiers' experience on the Western Front, Scottish soldiers'contribution to the war effort

The Battle of Loos Power Point

The Western Front watch and listen to the experts (video clip)
Scots on the Western Front watch and listen to the experts (video clip)
The Battle of Loos information and links about the battle
Battle of Loos 1915 a more detailed description of the battleAnother Loos link
This is a primary source from the 'War Illustrated Deluxe’, vol IV page 1139 with pictures and a written account of the battle. Keep in mind this was written for British people back home to read and would have been subject to government censorship. As a student of history, think how accurate and complete is the account of the battle given here.This link takes you to a set of photos and maps about the Battle of Loos

Douglas Haig: Butcher or Architect of Victory?

Miss Dunlop's Power Point on The Kilted Regiments.

Mrs Watterson's Power Point on theScots and the Battle of the Somme.

Overview of the contribution made to the British war effort by Scottish regiments.

The Scots at the Battle of Arras - some good KU for a 9-mark question.

Issue 2
The Impact of the War on Scottish Culture
topics to be covered: conscription, objection to the war, women's role in the war, effects of the loss of Scottish soldiers on society

Impact on Home Front video clip
Conscription and conscientious objectors
The consequences of refusing to join up after 1916

DORA (The Defence of the Realm Act)

Women's role in the war:
Working in the munitions factories
The Women's Peace Movement

Alien Registration and Internment

The Impact of Military Lossess on Scottish Society
Issue 3
The Impact of the War on the Scottish Economy

Map showing Scotland's Industries during the First World War

Go through the powerpoints below to learn about the impact ofthe Great War on the Scottish economy by studying the examples of fishing, jute, shipbuilding, iron and steel and agriculture.

Watch the video clips below to find out what contemporary historians have to say about the impact of the Great War on the Scottish economy.Impact on the Economy video clip
Impact on Industry video clip
The Land Issue video clip
Lord leverhume and the Land Issue
Why did so many Scots emigrate in the 1920s? - Potential 10-marker, so swot up!

Issue 4The Impact of the War on Scottish Politics

Watch these video clips to find out what contemporary historians believe about the changing nature of Scottish politics from 1914 to 1928.

Impact on Politics
Political changes
In 1914, the Liberal Party was the leading political party in Scotland as well as being the governing party in Great Britain as a whole. This was to change dramatically during the course of the war and the Liberals would never recover their former glory, either in Scotland or in Great Britain as a whole.
Scottish and British General election Results tables

Here are a couple of powerpoints which give excellent overviews of this issue.

Why had the Liberals lost so much support by the early 1920s?

Why did the Labour Party gain support by the early 1920s?

What made Red Clydeside 'Red'? Table for Questions 7-10

January 31st 1919. Demonstration in George Square, Glasgow. Government fears of Communist revolt
The impact of the war on Scottish identity

Final Perspectives