The Growth, Extent and Failure of Nationalism 1815 - 1850

Course booklet for this unit

Essay plans for German Nationalism 1815 - 1850

Germany in 1815

Factors Favouring Nationalism

Obstacles to Nationalism

Early German Nationalism

Cultural Factors

Economic Factors - The Zollverein

Political Factors

The Unification of Germany 1850 - 1871

The Modernisation of the Prussian Army

The Constitutional crisis and Bismarck

Growing Prussian strength and the Decline of Austria
(changing the balance of power)
Bismarck and the German wars of Unification

2 historians' conclusions on Bismarck's importance in the unification of Germany by 1871
Otto von Bismarck
Miss Dunlop's powerpoint: Was Bismarck "the Smith who forged the Reich"? An historiography


GERMANY 1918 - 1939

Useful websites for research, notes and answers to questions in worksheets.
Dictatorship under the Third Reich **Early stages of persecution** The first concentration camps
The 3 links above are from the US Holocaust Memorial Museum site with excellent explanations and descriptions of Nazi Germany before the Second World War

The Enabling Act March 24 1933 - what the Act really said.

The Fuehrer Oath -see how the German Army oath of allegiance to its country was changed to ensure its loyalty to Hitler

Nazis in Power - Anne Frank's Diary site with good summaries of life in Nazi Germany before the war

The History Place on Nazis 1933 - 1939 - Very useful for detailed notes and broadening your knowledge and understanding of the Nazis in Power.

Browse and search this site for anything related to this period of German history
German History in Documents and Images

Propaganda was used by the Nazis as one method of maintaing power in Germany before 1939. It promoted Nazi ideology across to all German citizens. Below are examples:
Nazi Magazine for Women
Nazi Posters 1933 -1945

The Rise of the Nazis 1918 - 1933

Powerpoint on why people voted for the Nazis 1930 - 1933

An essay plan on the rise of the Nazis:

Miss Dunlop's notes on useful quotes for the historiography you can use for the failure of the Weimar Republic and why the Nazis came to power
The Nazis in Power 1933 - 1939

The links below do as they say on the tin:

Notes on Nazi Popular Policies

An analysis of how the Nazis maintained power

An essay plan on how the Nazis maintained power