Below are:
  • Enquiry Skills guide available from the History Department or print it out yourself.
  • Diagrams Mrs Adams made and are on show in her classroom, M33.
  • Miss Dunlop's powerpoint on enquiry skills
  • Practise ES1 type question powerpoint
  • How to do ES5 and ES6 questions
History Department guide

Miss Dunlop's powerpoint

Worked example of ES1 Credit
question 2 page 4 2008 Credit exam


Worked example ES1 Credit showing what the SQA expect for a full marks answer

Click the link below to see how to present an answer for an ES 5 question ES5.JPG

REMEMBER!! There will only be ONE ES 5 question in the exam. It will ONLY be in the Britain 1830 - 1930 section
Click below for a blank chart you can use to practise some more ES5s

Click the link to see how to structure an ES6 Credit question. Giving a balanced conclusion.


Click the link below to see how to structure an ES2 Credit question. Comparing agreement/disagreement of 2 sources



Click below for a worked example of an ES4 Credit question