HistoriographyMrs. Adams' powerpoint with useful quotes on the debates about why women got the vote and a suggestion to do your own historiography for the Liberal Reforms.

Click the link to find details of any Act of Parliament between 1828 and 1897 Acts 1828 - 1897


The ppt below takes you through:
1. The details of each act
2. Why each act was passed. ie why Britain became more democratic
3. An assessment of each act. ie what contribution an act made to Britain becoming a democracy

Democracy Essay Plans

Why did democracy grow in Britain between 1850 and 1928?

How much did democracy grow in Britain by 1928?
To what extent could you say Britain was a democracy in 1918?


Women and the Vote

The Suffragists

The Suffragettes

Miss Dunlop's powerpoint on how to write an essay on women and the vote

Confused about The Conciliation Bills of 1910/11 and 1912?

Click HERE
Read extracts HEREfrom MPs who debated the passage of the Conciliation Bill through Parliament

The Impact of the War 1914 - 1918 on 'The Cause'

7 reasons why women got the vote in June 1918

Women and the Vote Essay Plan below - download it learn up!

Liberal Reforms and the Problem of Poverty 1906 - 1914
**Go here to read about the Liberal Reforms and historians' opinions**
Liberal Reforms powerpoints

How successful were the Liberal Reforms? Pants of Fab?

The link below has a full assessment of the Liberal Reforms with useful quotes and a description of the historical debate surrounding the reforms. Essential reading and good for notes.
An assessment of the Liberal Reforms

Liberals essay plans
One on How successful were the Liberal Reforms of 1906-1914?
One on Why the Liberals introduced the social reforms

LABOUR REFORMS 1945 - 1951
Beveridge's Three Assumptions

Labour Essay Plan